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What about perez being associated with a crystal meth problem?

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I used your pictures too, but only a couple and included the link to see the rest. I LOVE JANICE!


Love you, Joe!!!

Ms. Anon.

Well if he had a meth problem he'd be a hell of a lot thinner, not the chubster that he is. I'm not going to lie, I love/abhor him.

Ms. Anon.

Yes I do mean abhor, not adore.

Truth Seeker

READERS: Spread the word to all legitimate blog sites to disable right-click function (aka stealing photos) as X17 has done. This prevents thieves like Perez Hilton (real name, Mario Lavandeira) from getting filthy rich from stealing the work of others.


right can use other cut and paste functions...duh


man, you don't even need to cut/paste. Take a screencap, and toss your name onto it.


Oh, man. How many times will I unsuspectingly be led to a shot of Perez Hilton's penis?

Random Sexy Gay Dude (wink wink)

Perez Rules, and has the best cleb news site EVER!!!!!!

Perez Rocks, and so does his cock!

Shane Hensinger



perez craked it. you ppl are in a cut throat buisness where anything goes NO RULES! as far as i can see.. he is the number one gossip bitch and proberly worth every penny he has.


i kinda think he looks better with more meat on him.... he's not so skinny and goofy lookin'

Moksha, #1 Pez Lover

The reason you paps are hating on Perezzo is because people like me go to his website first thing every day! I love his in-your-face style, get over it!!

mary =)

hey to da Ms. Anon. person, yeah uhm i jst thought i'd let u guys all noe dat evn if they do disbale the right clicky thingo so ppl cant steal da pixx, there is another way to get them, u click da 'PrtScn' botton thingy on your keyboard den go to paint or whatever & jst paste it on there & cute out the bits u dunt want. But, perez is acctually kinda smart, he draw/ writes on them so he noes if sumwun stole it from him so yeah.

peace. <3 =)

Mzz Perez Hilton

Fuck u bitch, ur just jealous. Perez Rules


get a better marketing strategy, be a shameless self promoter, and you too can be as successful as Perez. Don't hate because you ain't got the skillz!


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– And one final note, in case this wasn’ t enough of a downer already. 14% of people surveyed said they’ ve had an affair. . . and two- thirds of those people say the sex was MIND- BLOWING compared to what they’ re having back at home.


"nearly eight"? Funny because in the Jonathan Jaxson AIM conversation he says its about 8.5". I'm surprised he's cut, too -- I was expecting uncut.

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