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Here are the pics that flav probably found and printed to show to everyone:

Letoya M.

she got her ass out i new she was something but i didnt know she was a hoe that bitch


Damn, all she did was some nude pics. Chill the f*ck out.


wtff.. why she gotta lie.. she acted like she looked good ne way. that shit is sick


Aint nothing wrong with some good ole PORN :D

He should be happy she's already a FREAK!


not with other ppl.. and she lied thats nasty maxxx lol shes a sick freakkk.

Buk Jon

shes a super freak, super freak, a super freaky...da da da da da


u ugly ass hoe go get a real job!!!nasty ass bitch!!even though u dont do it no more this is even worse cuz u did it when u were a teenager


yo i mean yo....why yall be trippin? the girl jus doin her thang, maybe yall cant do it but that aint no reason to hate...


hoes take off your clothes
hoes get naked

nice body wacky face. fuck that hoe.


i mean why everyone got to call her out her name... i mean if thats the shit she like then thats her. i mean it is wat it is... a lot of u nasty sickos like that kinda shit so someone's gotta keep ya entertained. i mean flav just knows, "You can't turn a ho into a housewife." so he had to let her go ya dig.... dont bad mouth her....


awsome find on the pictures dude


that girl was just doing her thing what about all you hoes that posted on here what about you all how much dick have you sucked for free and have notthing to show for it he who lives in a glass house shouldn`t throw stones


Damn bitches. Why y'all be hatin? That hoe was hot, I would have creeped up in that pooper. I don't even give a fuck, cuz that's how i roll. You can call me Willy Wonka cuz I be all up in that Chocolate Factory. Mmmmm mmmm toastee is tasty! I'm bout to go whack off to that shit. I'm out this.


Why is everybody trippin'? This woman is F-I-N-E, with a killa bod too! Ok, she lied to try to get ahead. Don't we all?? Ease up on her y'all.....


what the hell is worng with her showing her body so fucking what what about the internet stripper that told on her flav is my boy but i don`t think he thinks things through because if he did her ass would have been doing them splits in the bed hell i would love to have her ass in my bed fuck it let nbe real and the ones that are talking are the fat ones like like dat fat ass just hating on every body


haha man yall who callin her a hoe n shit is crazy the only thing fucked up she did was lie n yall crazy if u dont think shes fine cuz she fine as hell i kno yall pud ass's aint hittin nuttin near that fine i woulda hit it then quit it fo shooo

big smoke

HELL TO THE NAH, fuck that i would lick every inch of that girl yes i said it! hell i`ve been looking for a freak like that for a grip it`s not like i`m going to make her my wife but hey why not atleast i would know the dirt unlike most women here in the states run around play like miss i don`t do anything fuck just about everyone in site then want have a white wedding wtf girl fuck them do ya thing


any dude who talks shit on this girl and just got done googling her, is a hypocrite.

That nigga

Wow, he kicked her off for that? Lol, that's not even porn...She never even lied, she said she did nude pics. Wtf?!


Everyone is tripping on these women they are on a t.v. show to show their love for a guy that obviously wants to have his way with all these chicks. So i say let him have all the hoes and tramps cause if they want FLAVA FLAV they can have him cause they KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!!!!!!!!

Flavor Flav

Yo she is hot but you cant lie to ya boy flav always finds out the truth yeahh boyyy


she didnt really lie cuz thats not really porn just nude pics but i wouldnt give a fuck shes a freak and shes fine so she just showin it off, aint nothin wrong with that. flav needs to get like dat the fuck outta there, shes afat ass bitch that needs to stop hatin


This girl is not sufficient HOT!
Here that I consider hot!
What you think?

No needq

dat nasty ass drunk ass skank..

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