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island beauty

you learn to get use to it..


Stop crying wolf on racism, wait for something important.

im african american and i have trouble with my hair... ppl are dumb


He didn't refer to her hair as "African American hair". I read the article, as an african american I was not offended.


Actually, I appreciate the honesty - her hair is not the same as their other kids'. The sooner that Z's parents learn to work with and style her hair the better, and I would encourage, rather than decry, a white parent with a child of African descent who admits that our hair is new to them and a bit challening rather than their damaging it in ignorance.

caroline clay

I applaud the Brad and Angelina for recognizing that Zahara's hair must be treated differently. It is more fragile and needs care and products. As a black woman with mixed race heritage, my mother was always adamant that I knew about hair care- had she been white, perhaps she might not have have had the same knowledge, but I pray she would've, at least, sought out resources.
So many white parents with adopted children of color ignore these differences, and have children with dry scalps, damaged dead hair follicles, walking around looking unkempt with knotted hair. That does'nt make you look liberal, folks; it makes you look clueless!!! Why put that on a child? Wake up! Differences should be celebrated, CLAIMED, and dealt with... Get your child's hair fixed!


Take her to a Black beauty shop. They can lock it the RIGHT way, freestyle, perm or whatever!Just do something.

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