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Two words. Sperm bank.


are you serious when you ask how a black man can father these lighter skinned children? its genetics and shin tone doesn't have anything to do with parentage. obviously, you have never seen children of dark skinned or different toned parents. it sounds like something the prevailing eurocentric thought on matters of race


I am with you they can't be his kids. I mean they are not even dangling upside down or over a balcony. Just say yes to sperm donation.


The odd thing is, justice is blind, deaf and dumb on these children, while they are mistreated and abused, their father is bankrupting himself and will die penniless and their cunning, abandoning mother is leeching all their future wealth by shut-up, bribery payments from Jackson to secure her happy pampered lifestyle free of them. Where is the ideal state of humanity: a morally-correct protection of the family inheritance for the children in this? Children's protection agency has a lot of bungling crap to answer for when these kids break loose, and are wanting satisfaction for their sufferings.

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