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LOL! Its fake! The Picture is fake! How could you do that to a sexy lady? I think these are just edited in Photoshop. The skin tone is different from the wig pictures and the lips are diiferent from the real. Look at Beyonce, she is so hot in her house of dereon fleur de lis hoodie. I love you Beyonce!


it's not fake! all she needs to do is wax her stach and get a weave and she'll be alright.

You don't wannaknow=]

erg hoor


this shit is so fake..there is sm difference in da smile


This article came up on a google search while I was looking for hairstyles...

And I must say that it is SAD that people spend their time Scrutinizing others!!!! Celebrities are people just like you and I… and PLENTY of you women out there have mustaches, crusty weave, cellulites and lots of other “flaws!!!!” There is perfection in just being human.. We give celebrities TOO much power…

Relax and just appreciate what is!!!

wholesale dereon

..hmhmhm... is this fake or what?? i couldn't believe it! can somebody prove it to me that is fake? but anyways..even though it's fake or not. i really love beyonce even the way in her clothing style nothings gonna change...



boodly hell there's nothing wrong with having a tash or wearing a wig,both pics are of her you have to be daft not to see that. but she is only human like us all.


whoever made this should find something better to do with their time..


it is true she wears a lace front wig shw dosnt hid that fact any1 shown that close up on the upper lip would have the apperance i bet u do haha! get a life

I think natural is better. Most women look like that or hairier if they don't wax.


That is her real lip but that picture of the lace front is way off. Thats not even her skin tone hair is wat too black. What beyonce has in her hair is and the way better than a weave. The original pic looks natural.


yall is retardedly obsessed lol its real everyone has their flaws beyonce got weave and hairy upper lip as does everyone haha accept it she aint perfect she just a human being like the rest of us so all yall calm down

tony of beverly wigs

Whether it be real or fake, any of these don't really have to do with Beyonce's talents. I mean, does she have to use her tash in her vocal talent? Does her wig have something to do with her dance moves? C'mon, people. Wigs are like make-up. They enhance the looks better and they're really used depending on the situation. And I think it's already a matter of fact that celebs do wear wigs to look more awesome, yes?

-Earl Flournoy

Lucy newman

Beyonce is my idol and she is beautiful inside and out like me and who gives a damn on what she looks like haven't u ever heard its whats on the INSIDE THAT COUNTS!!!!!


It is not fake...It is well know that celebrities use wigs to change their look without damaging their hair. And Beyonce does it A LOT!


Just shut the hell up, girls have hair too. You can't even see it without zooming in like seriously? No fucking life at all dudes.


Really? If you zoom in 20x on a pic of anyone, I am sure you can find flaws. Someone needs to find something better to do with their time.

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