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boring and soooo sydney

I had a laugh just looking at the first episode. Especially that A lister party...You have to be joking?


Australia's Next Top Model was obviously inspired by the America's Next Top Model, so I guess you can excuse the show for being almost exactly like it...except for the fact that there's something missing. There are no familiar faces (on America's NTM, we know Tyra, Jay, Miss Jay, Janice, and Twiggy...), no notable fashion designers (we don't know the significance that these Australian fashion designers have had on fashion), and no standout models. I mean, even the host is pretty bland. Sure, they're all pretty, and Sydney is awfully gorgeous...but very quick, the show gets boring, uninspiring, and just painstankingly lackluster. Makes you wish Tyra would pop out of nowhere and take over...


Wow, thought it was just me. VERY boring and UNinspiring. As a loyal fan of ANTM, I find the Aussie show very lack lustre and a cheapened version of the original. Nothing much to keep me coming back to it.


i thought it was a very poor version of antm as well until i remembered what season 1 of americas next top model was like.

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